`getUsername` is displaying different ID than before

Using react-moralis, are there any scenarios (test server restart, configuration adjustments, simultaneously using authenticate and enableWeb3 on the same page, etc.) that would cause the result of getUsername() to change?

I imagine the issue is on our end somewhere, but last night, using my dev wallet, I had my standard ID (that I’ve had since connecting the wallet a couple weeks ago). I wake up this morning and “sign in” with the same wallet, and my ID changed.

Under what circumstances might this happen? What completely obvious mistake am I missing? :thinking:

Can you post this getUsername code? Where is it from?

You can check the current cached user by looking at the local storage items for your site in your browser’s developer tools.

The username shouldn’t have changed on its own - check your server dashboard as well to see if the username (“id”) you’re looking for is still there. If you have any code that could have updated it, check that as well.