getTransactions returns only objectId

The below code

async function getTransactions() {

  const userTrans = await Moralis.Web3.getTransactions();




Returns only objectIds of the transactions:
await Moralis.Web3.getTransactions();

Shouldn’t this also return these:

async function getBalances() {

  const balances = await Moralis.Web3.getAllERC20();




returns an object with some actual data:

How do I get all the transactions with the timestamp, gasused etc information?

Hey @hexadecimal

It works without problems for me.

const userTrans = await Moralis.Web3.getTransactions({
          chain: "matic"

Could you send your server domain and version :man_mechanic:

Have you changed any settings of CLP?

Server URL:
I’m guessing this is version number: 0.0.248

Have you changed any settings of CLP?
–> I don’t think so since I don’t know what this means.

Hmm, very unfortunate first experience. I got stuck on this for several days, should have asked here earlier.

Issue was solved by creating a new server and changing the server URL & application ID to the new ones.

Hi @hexadecimal,

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