getTokenPrice - Zug x Uniswap

Hello there,

I have a case where I’m using Web3API function getTokenPrice to check current price for ZUG token. It’s address is 0x1f98431c8ad98523631ae4a59f267346ea31f984 and exchange I’m checking is Uniswap v3. Native price value it returns equals Infinity and usdPrice is null even though ZUG is listed on Uniswap:

Can anyone help me with getting the right price?

this seems to be a uniswap factory:

that is the address for ZUG token?

Oh sorry I copied wrong address. Correct address is 0xfEE5F54e1070e7eD31Be341e0A5b1E847f6a84Ab


it looks like this gives a price in case that it helps you:

Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenPrice({address: "0xfEE5F54e1070e7eD31Be341e0A5b1E847f6a84Ab", exchange: "sushiswap", chain: "eth"})


exchangeAddress: "0xC0AEe478e3658e2610c5F7A4A2E1777cE9e4f2Ac"
exchangeName: "Sushiswap v2"
nativePrice: {value: '104918973065772', decimals: 18, name: 'Ether', symbol: 'ETH'}
usdPrice: 0.21696744959201786

that pair on uniswap v3 seems to be an inactive pair that only had few trades months ago, latest one on 10/18/2021

Yeah, you’re right. Thanks for help.