Getting userdata from moralis server give bad gateway

Hi guys,

we are using Moralis to store userdata, like their walletaddress and some other info.
Our app relies on Moralis to return that , but we get errors almost daily.

Here ist he endpoint we are using:
SERVER_URL + “/classes/_User/{userID}”

and the error is:

We have bought the pro plan and thought that would solve this problem with the sleepless servers, but it didnt :frowning:

Hope you can help.

Thanks and best regards,

did that url work before getting that error?

Jeah it works most of the times, but sometimes (almost daily) we get that bad gateway back and then our users see nothing because we dont get their wallets

if you retry after one second after it gets that error, would it work?
you could also try with a cloud function

Will try it out and come back to say what happend :wink:

now we even see “rate limit” 429 too many requestes
on the endpoint web3 api.

Would be good to know what the limit is…?

We tried reconnecting but that doesnt really solve the problem, because we have to wait first…to see if we get into the timeout…so for the user that means he has to wait for like a minute, which is way too long…
Any other idea what we can do? or is the moralis infrastructure that we could upgrade somehow?

how many users do you have?
you can upgrade your server if needed.

the limit is of 3600 requests per minute

so for the users endpoint i think its ok to have that limit, but the web3 api needs more…is it possible to upgrade that? we are already on the pro plan

Hey @thealexsachs, absolutely, let me know which rate limit you prefer to have, and we’ll get it sorted.

On another note, if you’re using Moralis server for production, you might need a bigger machine to support all your users. For which, you might please let me know more details on your account etc, in DMs.


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