Getting the exact balance of any tokens

Hello, so I was messing around the getting tokens and after a while I got this to working:

as seen on screenshot, I managed to get the balance of certain address, but the catch is, I have no idea how much this guy has in tokens. I mean the exact number like for example: 245.3353… in this example I have 0.4486 but the balance is showing 4486…, how can I parse the balance or determine the exact balance.

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You would use

Note that not all tokens have the same amount of decimals though, you have to find out how many it has and convert it accordingly

Sorry for a late reply, thanks for the answer, I understand everything.


yeah the above screenshot shows the tokens has 18 decimals i hink. so if your suing web3 library then web3.utils.fromWei(balance.toString(), "ether") should suffice or if your using ethers, then ethers.utils.formatEther() will work