Getting started with my NFT Game

Hey guys! I’m pretty new to the space and I’ve watched about 15 videos now trying to figure out how to do the following…


Step 1 (b): If the answer above is no, how do i set up my smart contract with a Moralis Server?

Step 2: How can I add a market area to my site where they can mint my NFTs? Using Moralis

Step 3: What Token is best and should I use if I need to edit the metadata? I assume (ERC1154)

Step 4: Best tutorial Series for learning how to use Moralis with Phaser.

If someone could send me links to videos or documentation for the steps above I would be very grateful. Thanks to anyone who can reply with some feedback. Have a good day!

  1. Moralis does not host smart contracts, smart contracts are deployed on the blockchain

b) Writing and deploying your smart contracts doesn’t have anything to do with Moralis really, it’s once they are already deployed that you can interact with them/listen to fired events with Moralis

  1. You’ll have to write a smart contract, configure your backend and build a frontend, I suggest you look at this series (note that some syntax/functions are outdated, so watch out for that), or if you are using react look at this (I think this is only the marketplace though, not sure if minting is in there)

  2. Doesn’t really matter, as long as you have access to your metadata files and can change them, but probably 1155, yes

  3. There is a few videos on this, the most recent two are in react I believe (p1, p2) and then in vanila you have the avegotchi series (p1, p2, p3, boilerplate)

Hello, thanks for the feedback!

Quick question involving 1. Is there a good video or Moralis document explaining how to link together my Smart Contract and Moralis (Use them together)?


For calling contract functions you’ll mostly need these two: runContractFunction and executeFunction
(or here’s a video if you prefer that)

And then you’ll probably need event sync as well, which I believe is shown in one of the videos in the rarible series that I linked or you can get the basic idea in this video