Getting internal transactions?

How do i get internal transactions ?

on this :

we can see the smart contract sends the token to pancakeswap, ends the transactions, then proceed to emit another transaction separate from the current one, then the transaction completes. How do I obtain this transaction? plz implement this. priority high plz. everything else I can get through with web3.js, plz pause everything and do this tyvm

in particular it looks like you can see the events associated with those internal transactions on bscscan:

Yes. How do I get the internal transaction using web3?

The last log only has one topic which decided to be withdrawal, there’s no clue how to access the internal transaction

what would you expect to get from that internal transaction?

The internal transaction shows that eventually the bnb gets transferred to the user’s address. Using this transaction alone we only see it gets transferred to a pancake swap contract. It’s an incomplete picture without internal transactions

I guess that in this particular case you could interpret last event from that transaction as a special case, that Withdrawal (index_topic_1 address src, uint256 wad) event

Yeah, that is what I’m planning to do until moralis sync their db or something. They said they’re working on it 3 months ago on another thread. My only concern is if withdrawal assumption is wrong…

Can u forward to team plz this is very requested feature

it looks like you can also add a feature request to the roadmap now:

I forwarded this request to the team