Getting error fetching token price from moralis apis

I have a liquidity pool for our token (0xEE2112FB07223BA67cD0d35459b12a1e2c7D3539) and matic on uniswap v3 on polygon mainnet. I am trying to use moralis endpoints for fetching token price for our token from polygon mainnet using this api

As a response i am getting this error

“message”: “Insufficient liquidity in pools to calculate the price”

But when i go to uniswap and try to swap , i can see the expected matic price against my token and vice versa. Is there a minimum amount of liquidity that a pool should have for this api to work ?
If yes , what is that figure and how to maintain it ?

Hi @ShisukeUrahara

It seems that the locked value of your tokens in tokens pair is less than the required limit.

On polygon chain we require the locked value of each token of token pair to be more than $150 to calculate the token price.