Getting different transaction data on different stream

For each transaction we are creating a new stream by adding some date on tag field like this:
action: ‘transfer’,
nextAction: null,
data: {
itemId: ‘6482c4f18a968982b09dbc4b’,
bc_platform: ‘ethereum’,
paymentTransactionId: ‘6486cf3374f4961229dd2ab3’,
paymentGateway: ‘stripe’,
isFiatWallet: ‘fiatWallet’,

and when we get the response from moralis webhook we user this tag data to update our database and then delete that particular stream.

but some times we are getting this tag data to other stream response
for example:
two transfer created having txHash: 12345 and txHash:48949
and two streams (stream1 and stream2) also created with same webhook url with different tag data
i am getting txHash:12345 in stream2

can you give full example of the receive webhook requests payload that you received that don’t have the expected data?

maybe the transaction matches more than one stream config?

we are getting this transaction hash with this tag,
this tag should comes with
0x094af0f5f2f3e8577fa6091fa49fe9c7c04e851177b44dc6b428285705d7d1a1 this hash

are you sure that tag is from the webhook request from Streams API? I checked now the stream configs that you have in your account and I didn’t find any of them with that type of tag, all the tags were a simple string

After received webhook response we are deleting that stream, and for new transaction we create new stream, this issue happens when multiple streams are created with same webhook url

Isn’t easier to keep track internally the correspondence between a transaction hash and that topic and keep the same stream without creating a new one for every transaction hash?

no, we are adding some data in tag field for specific transaction to perform specific action, that’s why we are creating new stream each time when transaction is created.

can you give more context, or an example of a stream config that you create?

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