Getting An Error While Compile Unity


I am trying to compile example in moralisweb3sdk_v1_0_9 for android on unity and other examples which i found on you github page but always i get an error like the below. Could you please tell me what am i doing wrong?

Hey, this isnt specific to the moralis sdk, have you tried it without the sdk ?
you can also copy and paste some keyword there and search google and which examples did you use

Thank you for you reply. Ineed it was an error with andoid sdks and other things. But now i have around 123 from moralis sdk could you please enlight me what are those? Are they important? How can i fix it?

There is only one error there (the red one), it isnt going to stop your application from running,
alway read the error, if you add your serverurl and appid to the correct file, you should stop seeing that error, if you added it and the error still pop out (now and then), you can leave it, it isnt going to stop your app from running
always look at the docs

Thank you for the reply. I know that the red errors will stop my program from compiling but i am just curious about the yellow ones. I thought maybe i could fix them

Not that particular error, that error is a Debug.logerrror(); log so it is an error message, it is harmless, the yellow ones are warnings, you can clear them, the app should be working, those warning are by just giving you more information

If for some reason, you cannot enter play mode, you can post it here

Okey thank you for the information.