Getting all wallet addresses from a collection

Hi, We are trying to pull all owners of all NFT tokens s in a given NFT collection. The way we are doing this is by getting a list of all tokens and then getting owners for each token (getTokenIdOwners function from tokens end point)

Is there a more efficient way to do this? I know opensea assets end point has a way to get assets information (assets endpoint) 50 tokens at a time which contains the wallets as well

We are looking for the most efficient way to pull all owners of a collection - currently, we are getting throttled as we go through large collections with 10k items.

Hope this is the right forum to ask this. Apologies if I should be asking else where. I tried searching for this.


Hey @gman, did you try getNFTOwners? looks like it can fetch all the existing tokenId + the owners of each token in one request :raised_hands: