Getting a Token to be supported

Good day Everyone. Please mind all punctuation and grammatical errors. I am building a SWAP using Moralis’ 1inch plugin. I watched the tutorial on youtube regarding the matter and was able to set up the swap. However, I would need to add a token to be available for the swap on the polygon network which is not currently supported (the token not the network). Is there any way to do so? if not, are there alternate routes I could take in achieving this? Your response is highly appreciated. The Link to the youtube video and the source code is provided below.

Youtube Video:
Source Code/ boilerplate:

You will need to add the token to a dex and add liquidity, and trade the token before you can add it to your swap using 1inch.


Does it have to be a well known Dex?

1inch, PKswap is okay and easy to pick up.