Getting 502 ...erro when trying to watch an address

I am getting this after running a cloud function on the server to watch a bsc address, here are the logs from Moralis CLI

2022-03-28T00:06:35.942Z - Ran cloud function watchBscAddress for user undefined with:
Input: {“address”:“0x34OF820E78EC316184848BF3D8454DF36E45966”,“sync_historical”:true}
Result: {“status”:502,“data”:{“error”:true,“data”:{}}}

I ran the server and added all of the credentials. So this is weird to me. By the way this is a nextJs application. All of my subscription code is on the server.

When I call these methods I get the error above (in Moralis CLI)

What is the server url?

It is

This is a fake wallet address that I’m using in this example. Fyi

I had no problems in adding that particular address to watch and unwatch it from code on your server

also I noticed that it doesn’t have the length of a valid address, it is missing one character

you should also wait few minutes after you add it to watch to unwatch it

I’ll revisit that. And yes it’s the wrong length because I put in a random address disregarding the length for this example. You might have to try with an actual valid address on your end. Not the one I shared.

Yea, I’m not too sure about what’s going on. The logs show that the subscription (watch address) was successful, but I’m not seeing the collection WatchedBscAddresses (or w.e it’s supposed to be called)

now it will be in a different table, that table is no longer used

So… which table is it now then? Can we update the docs to reflect this change please? That would be helpful.

AddressSyncStatus should be now

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Thanks, appreciate it