Gets NFTs owned by the given address not working as expected sometimes

I transferred an ERC-721 token to another address yesterday, then I tried to get my own NFTs from this endpoint it still got the NFT that transferred to another one in the response, why?

It seems like working fine now. But I am curious what did cause the problem?

It could have been related to a caching issue on our side.

How to prevent this problem? because my site relies on this endpoint.

I use this endpoint to get users’ NFTs.I had transferred an NFT to another wallet, but it persisted in my wallet.

when you have problems you can post here and we will investigate, this is not expected to happen

What I mean is the NFT that I transferred was saved on the blockchain, but I still see the NFT from this endpoint{wallet_address}/nft

this is still happening now?

No. It was happening yesterday.

ok, if you get into similar problems in the future, you can post here and we will investigate

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Hi, It occurred to me again.
according to this transaction

account1 = 0xe9c6e64f40eb8d0aee1bac3568d48ca848acb166
account2 = 0x05f6033ab88ee6ed3f5a38a978aa27155c78e183

account1 has transferred the token to account2, but when I use this endpoint the token that been transferred since 10 days ago still exists on the response.

How do I make sure this problem will not happen in production site?