getNFTTrades on Bsc


I’m trying to make life easier and use this cool new getNFTTrades to get all sales of a contract on Bsc. But currently, only the sales of the marketplace Treasureland show up in the results using;

const options = {
        chain: "bsc",
        address: "0xda6d7d97f3b4dd69949e48752019bebeeb2a0ca6",
const nftTransfers = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getNFTTrades(options);

Are you guys planning on adding Marketplaces like;

  • Lootex
  • NFTkeys
  • PancakeSwap

That will totally help us out creating a recent sales stream for our NFT’s

marketplace (optional): Marketplace from where to get the trades (only opensea is supported at the moment).

Treasureland is something related to opensea?

PancakeSwap can also trade NFTs?

Not sure if it is related to OpenSea. But I know for sure that Lootex, NFTKeys en Pancakeswap are in the top 5 NFT marketplaces on BSC. Can I do a feature request regarding this?

Pancakeswap NFT is new yes, the marketplace doesn’t have the best IU but has the volume.