getNFTsForContract - MAX 50 NFTs?

Hi, i try get list of tokens from smart contract per address.
getNFTsForContract - return massive from 50 records, but in REMIX give 70!
Do you have some limit? Can I Over this limit if I need real quantities?
Thanks in advance!

use offset parameter to get more than the first page

there is a limit of 500 usually per page, can you give the example that gives you 50 instead of 70 NFTs?

So now second question…
here is my reqest:

var wallet = user.get('ethAddress');
const options = { chain: ChainName, address: wallet, token_address: SmartContract};
const MyNFTs = await Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTsForContract(options);
console.log("NFTs" + JSON.stringify(MyNFTs));

NFTs{“total”:53,“page”:0,“page_size”:500,“result”: …
now its 53 …
But if I check this wallet at Etherscan
Wallet [0xddfd0a3448a932d53b317309f9f8fa8717bff64a] have 70 nft - not 53


we may still be indexing those NFTs then, if it was 50 and now is 53, on what chain is that happening?

as it is test and my first project!
rinkeby - ETH
Can you tell how long can take time to index all?
Or on main net it will work faster?

another network should work faster, you can try a different testnet, on rinkeby we may still have a delay in indexing NFTs

I delay not good …
I can be without it to!