getNfts returns only 120 NFT's , but should be over 200

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i am using the getNFT’s endpoint and i only get 120 as total amount of NFT’s for this address:


But if you look into you see there are 247. Some of them are on other Blockchains and i queried them as well but even if is use all the possible strings and sum up “total” amounts i dont get that number.

Any idea why some are missing in the api?

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Some of them could just be internal to OpenSea, OpenSea does lazy minting which means that they store NFTs offchain

Can you find some specific NFT which is missing from the API so we can check exactly?

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Hi @thealexsachs ,

As I can see in the transactions, some of the mintings are lazy minting while some are not. You could differentiate it through these token trackers as shown in the screenshots from another example address -



Other developers were also wondering the same on the forum so you could search the NFT minting topic and have conversations with the them too.

Hope this helps.

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