GetNFTs pagination error

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I am trying to get 100+ nfts for a user and I need to use the pagination, but the code in Unity is this one:

UniTask GetNFTs (string address, ChainList chain, string format=null, int? offset=null, int? limit=null);

And when I try to use it the server returns:
“Offset has been deprecated in favor of cursor pagination.”

I do not see anywhere in the code for getting NFTs the new functionality to use cursor. Is there a workaround for this or am I missing something?

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you can not use offset now, there should be a cursor parameter that you could use

The cursor logic does not seem to be available in the Unity SDK from what I see, and I am using the latest one.

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Hello, this will be available with the next release - currently under testing.


Can you give me some time frame of when the next release is expected?