getNFTs_old function isa returning 400

I am tryign to list all nfts. But when trying ot call getTokenIdMetadata, there is one api call passerd called getNFTs_old, and this returns 504.

Can you give more information? what chain, what function/api call returns that error?

bsc chain

The error is actually 400. Not 504. Sorry for that. The error is Web3 API error while calling /relayHistory/:chainId

This is the code.

window.web3 = new Web3(window.ethereum);

            Moralis.serverURL = "xxxx";

            let user = Moralis.User.current();
            if (!user) {
                await Moralis.Web3.authenticate().then(function (user) {

			await Moralis.start({
				serverUrl: "xxxx",
				appId: "xxxx",


            const userEthNFTs = await Moralis.Web3.getNFTs({chain: 'bsc', address: account});

ok, that query may not work now, because we are working on solving a problem with BSC and NFTs endpoints now

May I know roughly when will the issue will be resolved, so that I can plan accordingly.

you could test with another network meanwhile if possible, we don’t have an exact ETA now

Can you try again now?