getNFTs not showing all NFTs in wallet for Cronos

I am using the getNFTs Web3API call and there are a series of NFTs that aren’t showing. For example, this wallet address: 0xbf9d29e5278411bcab31795398d0de0eeef4af8d has NFTs that do not show from the following contracts (on the Cronos mainnet beta chain). I’ve heard that this is also the case with other wallets.

Contract 1 should have a balance of 6 but none are received for this address - 0xea4DF145322ec9dFCE037b062b08083141c6af8f
Contract 2 should have a balance of 1 but none are received - 0x96628048830a499b156aBdC04cC169C18c3A17f2
Contract 3 should have a balance of 1 but none are received - 0x51112Bf32B9a1C64716DF2e6b82e63a04Bd384Fd

This is the console log of the getNFT return:

what are some example of token ids that it should return?

For the contract where there are six missing the Ids are: 18, 1225, 1772, 2592, 2635, 3316
For the contract starting 0x966: 382
For the contract starting 0x511: 4230

This has happened for some other wallets as well, what do you think the cause is?

we will have to investigate

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Did you find anything when investigating?

I don’t have un update yet, it looks like an issue on our side. We recently integrated Cronos.

Great! Will you update here once you’ve found the source of the issue or fixed it?

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can you try again now? it should be fixed now

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Yes they all show now excluding token Id 382 for contract 0x96628048830a499b156aBdC04cC169C18c3A17f2.

There is another wallet with similar problems–> 0xE2A49436206140a9a6a9aD6C1De339401ff2E270 - there should be an NFT with tokenId 173 from this contract: 0x51112Bf32B9a1C64716DF2e6b82e63a04Bd384Fd. However, this is now showing,

There is also an issue, where an NFT shows in a wallet but it is not in their wallet. The wallet address is: 0xa3789fba8673aa9015a0005d43d9d38304f3aacd, contract is 0x96628048830a499b156aBdC04cC169C18c3A17f2, and the token Id is 382. The actual owner from querying the chain seems to be: 0xBEAE615DE0C171bAC85E73cFB3bd0BA42fe40871

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where it doesn’t show this one?

from here I can see a different owner for that token id

here it seems to be the wrong owner, a previous one (we’ll have to investigate)

can you check again now to see what it doesn’t work as expected?