`getNFTs` not returning the tokenURI

Hey, I have a question related to ERC-721 tokens.

When querying this token as an example (https://deep-index.moralis.io/api/v2/nft/0x84f4226af1eb4b5e76c5dd203eef7f1f3452fb9d/853?chain=eth&format=decimal) from the Metaverse Marauders collection, I can’t find its attributes anywhere in the response, all I get is this response body with a metadata field set to null :

  "token_address": "0x84f4226af1eb4b5e76c5dd203eef7f1f3452fb9d",
  "token_id": "853",
  "amount": "1",
  "owner_of": "0x171ab540b9cb730626db91f648e2b09eb5363484",
  "block_number": "13357962",
  "block_number_minted": "13357962",
  "contract_type": "ERC721",
  "name": "Metaverse Marauders",
  "symbol": "MM",
  "token_uri": null,
  "metadata": null,
  "is_valid": 0,
  "syncing": 1,
  "synced_at": null,
  "frozen": 0

But when retrieving a token’s metadata through the tokenURI function in the contract, I do get said attributes (https://etherscan.io/readContract?m=dark&a=0x84f4226af1eb4b5e76c5dd203eef7f1f3452fb9d&v=0x84f4226af1eb4b5e76c5dd203eef7f1f3452fb9d#readCollapse24)

The tokenURI contract function gives me an IPFS hash : ipfs://ipfs/QmSeJ4tguCKVetptJ7Y5MoHgaZPUeXQUucacZSCdXgZaC3/853

And then, when resolving this IPFS hash with a public gateway, I get access to the token’s metadata :

  "tokenID": 853,
  "name": "Metaverse Marauders 853",
  "description": "The Metaverse Marauders are from everywhere in the Galaxy of Nilmara. They are professionals marauding the Metaverse seeking for everything that could be sold at the Sandaga Central Market (SCM). They are exactly 12,000 Metaverse Marauders from 12 different species and each and everyone of them has a Licence registered by the Trade Committee of the Gassar Alliance. Every Metaverse Marauders has a huge utility, to know more about it, head to https://metaverse-marauders.com/",
  "ipfs_image": "QmSjgSJ252J22V3vgDiNkEHht4FJDJ3cmGyZuTrtVeBUs8",
  "image": "QmSjgSJ252J22V3vgDiNkEHht4FJDJ3cmGyZuTrtVeBUs8",
  "attributes": [
      "trait_type": "species",
      "value": "Wongo"
      "trait_type": "background",
      "value": "Foorara"

Shouldn’t Moralis’ API be able to retrieve said tokenURI and make it available in the response’s body when requesting a specific token ?
Because if the token_uri sent back by Moralis’ API was the result of the tokenURI contract function, then it would be super easy to request the token’s metadata with its IPFS hash.

I don’t know exactly what it is happening, I’ll get back when I have more info.

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Any update on this ?

I don’t have updates yet, I could have tomorrow.

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Bump ! Do you have any news ?

it should be fixed now

Did you guys worked on a particular fix or did you just wait it out until the token_uri had a value ?
If you did work on a fix, thanks, I’ll test that the next time I find a contract address with NFTs which have been setup in the same way as the example I gave you previously.

Hey, you might’ve skipped the answer I gave a few days ago.

I noticed that answer, from what I remember I was a fix.

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what was the fix facing same issue but after token is sold or transfered not al jus for some tokens

what is the exact example that you have?

ok I wasn’t resyncing after transfer token

let me test resyncing again I will let you know I was just checking stuff on our forum and I got solution I think so

I built three dapps with moralis Im I suppose to get some discount …:smiley: :smiley::