getNFTs() not returning ALL NFTs

I’m using Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTs() to load NFTs from wallet, however it does not seem to retrieve all of the NFTs?

Missing are for example:

  • ENS .eth Domains
  • NFTs minted on (created by Niftygateway Proxy Contract)
  • some NFTs minted on Rarible

Is this a known issue? How can it be solved?

For ENS domains I have to take a closer look, they may not be normal NFTs

for second point, we don’t index all the NFT contracts now, I don’t know exactly about that case, to start indexing an NFT contract usually I call something like x = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenIdMetadata({address:"address", token_id: "id", chain: "chain"}) and after few minutes is should start indexing the NFT contract (in particular today this may not work as expected and there may be considerable delays)

for third point, it could be lazy minted NFTs (that are not on chain) or the same case as second point

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Thx a lot and damn…
Do you know if there’s a roadmap that foresees shared contracts? I can imagine it’s harder to implement.
For ENS they’re indeed no standard contracts, but it would be awesome to have them.

Only workaround for now would be to use a combination with another API I suppose?

what do you mean by shared contracts?

NFTs that were lazy minted, like through Niftygateway for example

for lazy minted NFTs it is complicated to get that info, as it is not on chain.