getNFTContractMetadata API issue

hi @cryptokid @YosephKS

I have notice that ‘getNFTContractMetadata’ API is not getting response of ERC721A contract address like collection name and symbol

Erc721A Contract Address : 0x2d623bDd5c2120c440c8f48f143d3f81e0E7febF

Chains : avalanche testnet

Response of API :

  "message": "No metadata found! Try again later"

same contract address details i have found in snowtrace , check below link



It could be because ERC721A implements different interfaces compared to ERC721 and we look at what interface that contract is implementing.

I’ll add an internal ticket for ERC721A


Thank you @cryptokid ,

I used this API earlier it worked fine. But Now i am facing issue.

do you have an example of contract where it worked?

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