getAllTokenIds: Rate Limit Error - Error Code 141


I’m getting the following error when using the Moralis getAllTokenIds method:

{"code":141,"error":"This Moralis Server is rate-limited because of the plan restrictions. See the details about the current rate and throttle limits: {\"x-rate-limit-limit\":\"3500\",\"x-rate-limit-remaining\":\"22\",\"x-rate-limit-remaining-ttl\":\"22\",\"x-rate-limit-throttle-limit\":\"88\",\"x-rate-limit-throttle-remaining\":\"5\",\"x-rate-limit-throttle-remaining-ttl\":\"5\",\"x-rate-limit-throttle-used\":\"95\",\"x-rate-limit-used\":\"118\"}"}

We are making about 20 consecutive calls to getAllTokenIds within a minute or two, so we are not close to the plan limit of 3500 calls per minute.

This is our code:

      address: contractAddress,
      chain: 'eth',
      limit: 500,

Just in case, I’ve tried adjusting the rate-limits to the maximum amount according to the instructions here but that didn’t solve the issue.

We would really appreciate any help resolving this issue.

Thank you very much in advance.

for some endpoints with pagination the rate limit is different now: NFT Endpoints Temporary Offset Rate Limit

it looks like that code uses pagination, you could try to increase that delay between requests, with higher offsets there will be a bigger impact on the limit