getAllERC20 Outdated History?

Hello ,

i just create simple app that show all my bsc token list, the problem was after swap the token in pancakeswap my balance is not updated and show my old bnb balance and token balance

Did it show up after a minute or two?

  • The token balances only update after there is at least 1 confirmation. Until this time they will be in a โ€œpendingโ€ table inside the Moralis database and transaction tables will have the confirmed column as false
  • There is a slight lag time on BSC of 5 - 10 seconds as the writes need to be cached and bulk inserted to keep up with the furious pace of new blocks on BSC

If the issue didnโ€™t sort itself out, please post your moralis server url so we can investigate further. Thanks.

currently is updated, yesterday after 15 minutes still not updated so i just create function to get balance from web3 to check realtime balances