Get User all Transactions


I need to show the user all transactions on Mainnet and Testnet from all the Eth, BSC and Polygon chain.

const query = new moralis.Query("EthTransactions");
    query.equalTo("from_address", "user address");
    query.find().then((transactions) => {

But itโ€™s not showing all the transactions on Eth chain.


I think that you can not get data both for testnet and mainnet with a single server that way, but you can use web3api

you say that the query doesnโ€™t work but the data is in that EthTransactions table?

Its only giving me data from the moralis db.

I understand what you are saying about the testnet and mainnet, if i want to get all the transaction from the mainnet, then i need to use web3api, right ?

Can you please send me some reference link.

Thanks in advance.

this should be the option with web3api:

Thanks @cryptokid, i will follow the link now.