Get Token Transfer Data

getTokenTransfers transfers allows me to see this data:

    "transaction_hash": "0x2d30ca6f024dbc1307ac8a1a44ca27de6f797ec22ef20627a1307243b0ab7d09",
    "address": "0x057Ec652A4F150f7FF94f089A38008f49a0DF88e",
    "block_timestamp": "2021-04-02T10:07:54.000Z",
    "block_number": "12526958",
    "block_hash": "0x0372c302e3c52e8f2e15d155e2c545e6d802e479236564af052759253b20fd86",
    "to_address": "0x62AED87d21Ad0F3cdE4D147Fdcc9245401Af0044",
    "from_address": "0xd4a3BebD824189481FC45363602b83C9c7e9cbDf",
    "value": "650000000000000000"

But in the transaction data, I don’t know which token is being transferred. Does Moralis have an easy to use wrapper for me to see which token is being transferred?

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this would be the token address

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Got it. Thanks. I saw that, but in my local code, the result looked quite similar to the to_address, but looked more closely now. You’re right.