Get token Metadata does not return logo


Iโ€™m running getTokenMetadata() on bsc token addresses.
The function returns the correct token name and symbol, but the logo and the logo_hash are null.

As far as i understood, i can use this function to get icons of all tokens - especially good for newly added tokens/icons.

Thanks team!

I think that we donโ€™t have that logo for BSC tokens, I think that you can extract if from trust wallet repository if you want the logo.

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Hi thanks for the reply. Do you have any example handy how its done in React? Is mapping them or just fetching url with the token address better? Thanks!

PS. it would be really cool to have the BSC logos as well in the method. I guess it only works for eth and matic?

I found this:

but I donโ€™t know exactly if that is the right place or how to use it from react.