Get the complete transaction history of an NFT item

I have purchased a NFT in Binance & then moved that to my Binance chain on Metamask wallet.
Now, when I give that Wallet address Moralis API and try to pull the records of NFT, I am getting only the Asset information not the initial buy details.
These buy details information is available on Binance NFT page.

  1. Find out NFT info on a given wallet Address
  2. For that NFT, I want to pull all the transactions happened from the beginning. Especially My buy transaction info.

How can I do that?

  1. To get NFT info of a wallet address you can use getnfts function

2 To get all the NFT transactions using NFT contract and Id you can use getwallettokenidtransfers function.

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Thank you for the response.

But in that I am not getting the price information. How can I deduce that?

Can you guide me on that also pls?

You get price have to call GetNFTLowestPrice

Here are the end-points that can help you:

From this we can get the lowest price of NFT from the last X days.

But we want to build like,

From My wallet address => What are the NFTs I have right now => Those NFT transactions => For how much price that I have bought those NFTs

this is what we want, we have got stuck at finding the buy price of those NFTs.

Note: I could have bought the NFT on any platform [Centralized Exchange or NFT marketplaces etc]

There is a way to look for NFT prices based on the trades happened on the marketplace using getnfttrades function.

If you are looking for NFT price based on the marketplace listing you need to use marketplace-specific API to get that data.

Check the Get orders function in this docs, using which you can the current order bids from the opensea.

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