Get number of holders with moralis

Hi Iā€™m trying to get the number of independent holders in an erc1155 contract. The contract has ~10k token Ids but each id is non fungible (only one of each exists). When i call: Moralis.Web3API.token.getNFTOwners(options), I only get 500 results for tokens and it gives me the number of tokens in the collection, not the number of independent holders. (If everyone owned two, im looking for a way to get that the number of holders is ~5000). Anyone know a way to do this with moralis or a way to use moralis to assist in this ? Thanks guys

You have to use pagination probably to get the complete list of owners

do you have sources for this? not sure how to go about this? Thank you so much tho

On the result that you get, the first page, for owners, it should also return the number of owners as a count.

For pagination you have to use offset 500 for page 2 or cursor