Get NFTs form a wallet is not returning NFTs

Similar to this report:

We are unable to get the NFT list on ropsten and ethereum. The end point says that wallets have NFTs

but returns an empty list.
This behavior seems to have started a couple of hours ago.

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it is same problem as reported here:

we are investigating

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Thanks, please let me know when it gets fixed. Some parts of our system depends on this end point to work well on our production environment.

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it should be working now

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Yeah, looks good. Thanks for the hard work.

hi Cryptokid. I have troubles using the opensea_getOrders function to get data on my dapp.
i get this error on my console anytime i make a request
“error”:true,“data”:[{“code”:400001,“message”:“The parameter network is not present”}]
my network is clearly defined and I even went as far as creating a new testnet server to tryout testnet network but same error keeps coming up.

Hi please keep this issue in the separate post that you created.

okay i would, but i would also appreciate any help i can get in regards to this

you can ask for updates/response in an original thread specific to this issue