Get NFT transaction date

I am trying to get the NFT details (number or NFTs, purchased date) of those that are purchased by the logged in user from the site owner. I got the result, but I doubt whether my logic is correct. Here is the code.

NFT purchased date is used for some bonus calculation.
Is block_timestamp is the NFT purchased date?

  const loged_user_eth_addresss = user.get('ethAddress');
  const site_owner_eth_address = '0x3f8f07823e20da54bae50023667c1674d45df834'

  const options = { chain: 'eth', address: site_owner_eth_address };

  async function getNFTCount(options) {
    // get NFTs transfer details
    const transfersNFT = await Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTTransfers(options);

    const nft_transfers = transfersNFT.result;

    // get only those nft details purchased by loged in user from the site owner
    const nfts = nft_transfers.filter(nft_transfer => nft_transfer.to_address == loged_user_eth_addresss);


    // calculate total venom points based on transaction date
    let venom_points = 0;
    nfts.forEach(async function (nft) {
      venom_points += getVenomPoints(nft.block_timestamp);
    venom_points = Math.round(venom_points);

  }//endof getNFTs()