Get newly minted ERC20 token metadata by contract - Fantom and Polygon

Hello again,

Last month, I reported an issue with retrieving metadata for newly minted tokens on the Base chain, which was resolved within a couple of days. I’m encountering a similar issue now, but this time it’s affecting the Fantom and Polygon chains. Specifically, retrieving token metadata on Polygon is slightly delayed, taking about couple of minutes, while on Fantom, the endpoint fails to retrieve any data even after waiting for over 20 minutes.


options = {
  chain: chainId,
  addresses: [token_address],
const tokenMetadata = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenMetadata(options);```

Over 30 minutes now and the endpoint still can’t retrieve data

Hi @zrco Are you still having the issue? I believe we released a fix for it recently.

Hi @johnversus the issue seems to be resolved. Thank you.

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