Get Data from Moralis for reporting tool

Hey guys,

i bought the Anchor Token TX Hash

and i am not able to view it on my configured moralis database.

i´ve entered every single address related to this transaction, but moralis is not showing up my transaction or token which were bought by me. However it shows up different/other transactions.

Kind Regards,

I believe this syncs transactions by the from field (so basically it only shows transactions made from these addresses and not to?). If you added in your address I believe you should see it in your table (implying this from looking at one of my own tabels)

In what table you expect to see it?

Hey guys thank you for your response, this is what i see actually, but i am not able to find my own transaction.

I want to see a list of net buyers of the token Anchor, but i am not able to get this data with the data entered by me (see attachment in my first post), i get a lot of data but not my own transaction. And i am pretty sure that there has to be more transactions then 162k which is shown here.

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you want to sync an address with 444,094,948 transactions ( 0x10ED43C718714eb63d5aA57B78B54704E256024E) ?

try to sync your address

Okey again,

i am setting up a reporting tool which shows me the amount of “Net Token Buyers” for example for the last 10 days or 30 days.
To create this list i need a moralis database which is showing the whole transaction list with net bought tokens.
So i entered every single address/contract/masterchef address related to a transaction by buying the token.

And now my question is which addresses do i have to enter on Sync list to get the data to show up later the token buyers (all token buyers)

try the address that made that transaction, it doesn’t seem that it is present in your list

you can also sync a contract address, but you will not be able to sync 400M+ transactions easily as it is in this case

No comment is answering my question.
I Still need someone who is reading my question. Is there anyone?

can you rephrase the question?
maybe I am not able to understand it

So from what I understand you are basically trying to get all holders of the anchor token?

I try to figure out the net buyers of the Anchor Tokens duringa defined timelinfe.

For example the last 30 days i want to see only the net buying amount of bought tokens (Anchor)

How is bought or net buyers defined here? E.g. from token transfers or being purchased on a DEX?

I need those who bought it through our dex and so both token buyers in total.

I couldn’t find ways to get token specific data on either DEX e.g. number/value of swaps.

Since both would use the same contract for the Anchor token you probably need to use Transfer events for a given time period to find out the stats you’re looking for.

Ok guys i preapred something to clarify my requirements.

Token to display (ANCHOR)
DEX to display (AnchorSwap, or PancakeSwap) Number of wallets to display (e.g. 20 for Top 20)
Date range (interval)
List of wallet addresses fulfilling input parameters (wallets with highest number of selected tokens being traded on the selected DEX during specified period of time)
Top Net Buyers

Users will be able to display a list of top selected (ANCHOR) token net buyers in selected (AnchorSwap, or PancakeSwap) DEX within a specified period of time (e.g. top 20 ANCHOR trader between March 30th and April 15th).
APIs behind this report can be used to reward the traders participating in trading competition. Input parameters:
o ● Token to display (ANCHOR)
o ● DEX to display (AnchorSwap, or PancakeSwap)
o ● Number of wallets to display (e.g. 20 for Top 20)
o ● Date range (interval) Output:
o ● List of wallet addresses fulfilling input parameters (wallets with highest number of selected tokens being net bought on the selected DEX during specified period of time)