Get Collection Name/NFT Name For NFT Transfers

I need to get the name of the NFT that is being transferred.

I call this:
const transfer = await Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTTransfers(options);

And this is what I get back :
amount: β€œ1”
block_hash: β€œ0x411c8064f161b56b6c9ca71061f8518f34c3cbf61fcc054664b7c62af64fcf06” block_number: β€œ14303851”
block_timestamp: β€œ2022-03-01T22:30:44.000Z”
contract_type: β€œERC721”
from_address: β€œ0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000”
log_index: 132 operator: null
to_address: β€œ0x3ba53cea97bfff5a303ffc66dc4f390383bcd62e”
token_address: β€œ0xcae7d033fdedcfed48bd8af2a8a60a830120c513”
token_id: β€œ39”
transaction_hash: β€œ0x3b6a41dd43c7562957751390702cfec8b3ea52ff084170b5153476eb26a0194c” transaction_index: 60
transaction_type: β€œSingle” value: β€œ0”

But there is no collection name or NFT name. Is there another call I can input something like the token address in and get the collection name back?

ever found a solution for this

You can use getTokenIdMetadata for the NFT name or data and getNftMetadata for the collection name or data.