Get all transactions is mempool

Hi, I am currently in free version. I used the WSS Url, for getting all the pending transactions in the mempool. But the transactions stop coming after 20secs. What shall I do to get continuous transactions for long. I want the details of each transaction to filter out the transaction from a required person.

Can anyone help me?

You could try another node provider like chainstack

But bro, thatโ€™s too expensive. Isnโ€™t there any way to get continuous data at an affordable price? I expected something in moralis itself :sweat_smile:

Depending on chain, there may be too many transactions in a second and in that case the rate limit will be reached. You could try to increase the limit with Moralis too with a new plan, but we donโ€™t intend to offer nodes long term.

You could also need to use some reconnect settings, depending on what error you get now in 20 seconds.