Get all nft trades from market

hello community, I am using the moralis api and I want to make a top seller of nft, I want to use the get nft trades endpoint, but I am seeing that it only works with open sea, I need help, how can I do it?

Hi @Devjose, Can u clarify how you are measuring the top seller NFTs?

If you want to define the top seller based on the NFT transactions you can use GetNFTTrades or GetNFTTransfers to see the NFT transactions.

I’m using getNftTransfer, but it’s difficult for me to manage the flow, and the endpoint getNftTrades doesn’t work, I think it only works with opensea

Hi @Devjose
We have only opensea as marketplace for getNFTTrades

Which all marketplaces are you looking for?

No, it is my own market, which I am doing for learning and study, as a copy of Rarible, but I have this problem

getNFTTrades still works without the marketplace set, no (I see it’s an optional parameter)? Can you not use this with your own contracts?

yes, that’s what I do, pass my marketplace contract as a parameter. and it doesn’t work, although it says that opensea is optional. I don’t know if anyone else has used it without the opensea parameter and with its own contract