Geo sensitive load balancing

I’d like to explore setting up multiple molaris servers(in different regions) and setting up geo sensitive dns routing.

I am quite sure i can do it manually by running the same cloud fxs on all nodes and using an external geo dns service.
If i need to use Molaris data, then I’d choose one master data node and let the others send data there.
If not (as i am using external apis for data storage) i could run exactly the same cloud fx code on all nodes.

This is mostly an academic curiosity (not a burning need), especially because Molaris is so fast already. However, I wonder if the team already has ideas and plans for this topic?

I could imagine that in the admin panel, each master server could have a button to add a slave node and then offer some specific api methods for dealing with data gracefully.
Even more sexy would be a sort of auto scale and auto sprawl feature that would spin up more slaves in what ever region the most requests are coming from.

If we could get that right, it would be a serious game changer.

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Nice idea, makes sense to me, we haven’t explored this but if we are to do something like that we will abstract away load balancing and just make the user select several regions for an app and on the backend do LB like you describe

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