Gateway IPFS return 403

When using VPN to access ipfs gateway ( it return 403 with cloudflare captcha html in it (as response body), can I somehow bypass it? If I disable the VPN itโ€™s work fine. I use ipfs gateway in my API and also when showing the image

You can use a different gateway like I get that issue on my end even without a VPN.

yes, we have to fix that problem for IPFS gateway, we know about it

Hi. I was going to make a post about this but then found this thread. We have the same problem with as well. I saw being recommended to be used instead, but it hasnโ€™t been working consistently for me.

You mentioned that you guys are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. Is there any alternate solutions we could try in the meantime or are we just to wait for the gateway problem to be fixed?

you can try any other IPFS gateway to see if it works for you, we are working on fixing it

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If you are planning to use OpenSea as your main marketplace, I recommend using

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