Gas fees are imposed even though it should be free

Hello everyone,

I finished following the " Minting and Selling NFTs Without Paying Gas Fees! NFT Minter Programming Tutorial" video and someone placed a bid for an NFT of mine. However when I accept the bid, MetaMask is asking me to pay gas fees. The whole point of the tutorial is to not pay gas fees. Any explanation for this?

here is the link to the video:

I think that the idea would be that it is a lazy minting and the gas fees will still be paid, but later when the transaction will be made on chain.

So this means that technically we are still paying gas fees so the tittle of the video is misleading/clickbait ?

Lazy minting means usually that the gas fees will be paid when the nft is transferred on chain, and any transaction on chain will require gas fees to be paid.

Okay that makes more sense but the video tittle is therefore misleading.