Gas fee of 1000$ when trying to safeTransfer a NFT

Why am i getting a gas Fee of 1000$ when i try to trasnfer a nft in the writeContract section ?

you could get a huge gas fee estimation when the smart contract will generate an error or when it can not estimate the real gas fee

but if there would be an error i would get a red error under the input. How can i fix it ? Its a well known contract or can i do the gasFee myself with web3 ?

you can set the gas price with web3 or ethers directly, or in metamask after metamsk pops up

ah okay so that would fix the error right ? I mean i am putting in the correct credentials. Dont understand why that happens. Cant be a contract error

I don’t know if it will fix the error

ill try and let you know

okay i did it with web3 js. Didnt help at all. I really need to fix this issue :frowning:

Can you post the contract address. Did you try setting the gas manually in MetaMask?