Gas estimation failed in remix to deploy

Hello sir, this is very fortunate to get this forum really.
I wanted to create a token on bsctestnet but its showing a GAS ESTIMATION FAILED error.image

It looks like something didn’t work well when remix tried to get that gas estimation.
What transaction did you want to execute? did you have enough BNB in your account?

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Yes, sir. I had enough bnb in testnet wallet.

What exactly did you do? did you deploy a token before? do you know how to do it?

Yes, i did on mainnet but it was first time in testnet. By watching this video

That tutorial looks ok, what RPC (speedy node url) address did you add in your metamask for testnet? from what provider?

I see. I used Morails speed note for testnet wallet.

Moralis speedy node should work fine, you can also try with

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