Ganache Proxy Server

I am following this tutorial but when I get to the point where I am supposed to connect Moralis to my local ganache instance, I can’t continue because my moralis server does not have a “Ganache Proxy Server” tab… Halp?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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It has been renamed to “Devchain Proxy Server”, can you see that?

In that tab you should see 2 configs, one for hardhat and one for Ganache. You can copy the one that’s right below “Ganache”.

When I open my moralis server details, I only see “Server Details” and “Email Configuration” and no reference to Devchain

What is your server version? Can you click update/restart button to make sure you’re using the latest version? (0.0.189)

It was 0.0.187, I updated to 0.0.189 and refreshed the page but still no proxy server config tab :thinking:

Hmm, is it possible that the server is setup for the mainnet or a testnet? Can you try creating a new server and select Local Dev Chain.

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Ah I see - In the first page of the tutorial it says we need to start a server on the Mainet net:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Glad that it works. And thanks for the feedback.
We’ll see if we can make this more clearer :slight_smile:

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Hi Erno, maybe you can help me out. I use Ganache locally for testing… What is this Ganache proxy server about? Why would I need it ? Thanks a lot ! I am a bit confused what this Ganache proxy server settings is about…
Thanks a lot in advance!

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To interact with your local ganache, you need to establish a connection with the server and the ganache. Otherwise, you won’t be able to track real-time data with moralis for example. If you are having troubles setting it up, you can also try connecting it using moralis-admin-cli, which you can learn more about at the bottom of the page at

Thanks, I had this problem too. Is there an option to change the Server from Main net to localDev chain after its been created?

Hey @Jargo!
Unfortunately you can not change the network of a server after it is created.
Doing so would corrupt any existing data in the database because the data is within the context of a specific network.
The best thing to do at the moment would be to create a new server and just copy the cloud functions over to that one.

How secure is this proxy server? Are there alternatives that don’t require us to download from an unknown github account?

I don’t know of another alternative, you need that proxy only to sync data from local devchain in Moralis Server db, you could use a testnet instead of local Ganache if you don’t want to use that proxy

Thanks cryptokid! Your answers are much appreciated.