Front-End solutions linkable to Moralis


I manage to create an link whith you server and I’ve done all authentication stuff, I use visual code and a localhost add-on http-server to display my front end content.

I just don’t know how to migrate all this local stuff to the internet :

FrontEnd side :

  • I need to find a server host for my frontend, do you have some good references ?

  • I just need to add my index.html and my .js files on its repository ?

  • A simple webserver host should be enough or do I need more like a node.js compatible server host or anything else ? This part is still unclear to me.

Smart Contract side : I know I to migrate and create my contrat on the mainnet so it should be good.

It’s only the frontend which drive me crazy … To sum up, I don’t know what kind of host service I need for this website contening all my .js /openzeppelin et .sol stuff.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Best regards

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You can use Moralis static hosting:
You’ll have to upload index.html and other static files like javascript, you don’t have to upload all your development folder.

You are a hero !
I was follwing the Gatsby Cloud path but I don’t think I need all that stuff.
I’ll see thx

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Hello Again,
Just wondering if we could use owned domain name instead of like for instance ? It would be more pro