First Email login, After Metamask address link, but not saved address in DB

I have logged in with email and password in moralis.
After that, I tried to connect metamask wallet using
Finally, I have logged out and try to login in using email and password.

But metamask wallet address is not saved in DB. How can I add my wallet address incase of that already email signIn?
Most of users donโ€™t know web3 yet, so needed to register using email first.

Did you try this as ?

This should connect the wallet to username

const { account, user } = useMoralis();
I am getting account from useMoralis, but what is different from walletAddress?
How can I do?

account gives the wallet address of already connected wallets.

While using, I think you need to pass the wallet address manually or else it will override the previous logged-in email / user name data.