Firebase Moralis Streams Webhook extension verifySignature failure

I am following the tutorial posted here to test the Moralis Streams Webhook extension with Firebase:

Everything works until about the 10 minute mark in the video, where it’s time to create the stream. The UI fails to validate the webhook with with:

Something went wrong! Could not POST to https://[webhook redacted] Request failed with status code 500.

And from Firebase, I get the following error being thrown from the Moralis Streams Webhook extension:

I also tried ignoring the webhook validation failures and creating the stream anyway, which went to Active state. However there was no change to the FIrebase behavior.

As I understand, the Moralis API key is used as part of the message signature hashing. So I double and triple checked that the API key is correct, and confirmed that the same API key copy+pasted from the stream extension’s google cloud secret works in my standalone nodejs project.

Please advise what else I can do to troubleshoot or resolve this issue. Thank you.

Apparently the issue is that a separate “Secret Key” has been added for streams specifically, which is displayed on the admin panel - and this is what needs to be supplied to the Moralis extension in the place it asks for the “Moralis API Key”.

Please consider updating the extension & docs to reference the newer “Stream secret key” instead of the API key to avoid this confusion in the future. It seems like the plugin configuration could be made to reject strings that are the length of an API key and direct the user to use the stream key instead. Thank you.

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Hi @warriv

Thanks for the feedback. We will update the docs.:pray:

Streams secret key is an editable string so you can also edit it to match your API key.