Finished But Need Help

Hi Moralis team!

Thank you for this series it was excellent, I’m not going to pretend I understood everything, truth be told about 80% of it was so far over my head it may as well have been in space lol

That said seeing as I’ve come this far I’d like to see it through and have a working product and am stuck on a couple of things.

Firstly, do I have permission to use the finished code on Git-hub to create to my own real market place but changing the name of course, I’d use the code I wrote following along but it had about a million syntax errors

If so I’d like to deploy it on the BSC Test Net first of all to give it a whirl but I’m not sure how I would go about that, presumably I would make some changes in truffle-config file?

Secondly how would I go from using the local host to having it as a proper website? I’m happy to try figure it out but some direction would be hugely appreciated

Thanks again


Have you made progress in your efforts with this? To be honest it seems that best would be to work through some research and playground testing with html in general, building simple web sites, basic web hosting set up etc, and work your way up to more complicated projects, where involved are javascript, solidity, command line, server configurations, truffle and deploying contracts.

I would be happy to help you figure out some of the issues you might have with the code you created in the tutorial and pointers on contract deployment to the test net, if you would rather complete what you began with before going back towards where you might want to start…

Just so you know, even those among us who have a good grip on the basics are learning everyday, and with alot more still to learn, so dont be shy - read and play around with this stuff.

If you hit any roadblocks (not just because you would rather avoid trying to learn) come back with questions.

Some helpful reading:

HTML for Beginners

Javascript Tutorials


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