Find Opensea API


I’m looking for an API key that I can use with Opensea so that I can view data for a bot. I’m new to code but the code I’m copying has this:

const fetchFloor = async () => {
let url =${process.env.OPEN_SEA_COLLECTION_NAME}/stats
let settings = {
method: “GET”,
headers: process.env.OPEN_SEA_API_KEY == null ? {} : {
“X-API-KEY”: process.env.OPEN_SEA_API_KEY

In the .OPEN_SEA_API_KEY section I need to type the Moralis Opensea API key I think. Could anyone help me figure out what to do? Much appreciated!

i dont think moralis has a Moralis Opensea API key, you need opeansea api key and you can check their docs on how to request one