Filter NFTs based on from_address

In one documentation i saw:
“to_address”: “0x62AED87d21Ad0F3cdE4D147Fdcc9245401Af0044”,
“from_address”: “0xd4a3BebD824189481FC45363602b83C9c7e9cbDf”,

I think from_address is the eth address of the user/vendor from whom a user purchased an NFT.

Can we filter NFTs purchased by a user from a particular vendor/user?

Or to create custom JavaScript for that. I guess there would be one standard API already available for that because this a common use case.

I don’t know of an API that does directly that, having two addresses as parameters. I think that you could process the list of NFT transactions if you want, or add this request on

Thankyou for quick reply.

I will check that.

Can I ask another question?

We are planning to create the application login using plain javascript and later move the codes to react/nextjs.

Is it practical to proceed in that way?
What is your suggestion about that.
Is there any limitation for the API calls that we can make with plain javascrit?

One more question.
What is synced_at refers to? Is it the transaction date? I mean the date when a user bought an NFT from another vendor/ user?

Actually our client wants to show his users their NFTs they bought from our client.
That’s why I asked about filtering by from_address.

Thank you

You could parse all the NFT transactions from your client address.

you have access to the same APIs from plain javascript as in React, the syntax in react sometimes it is different when using react hooks.

synced_at may be the date when Moralis synced that NFT internally. (this may not help you), I think that you can get the block number from when a transaction took place, and from block number you can get a date.

Thank you very much.
I think this is enough for now for further exploration.


One another question.
I have created a sample app in plain javascript.

Metamask login will be asked on clicking the club menu (first one of menu items on top).
Since when we take the view source, keys are visible, we plan to do this app in react or nextjs.

Is it possible to do this in nextjs?

Is this command enough for starting moralis in my newly created nextjs app?
npm install moralis react-moralis

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