Filter events using plain REST APIs

I contacted the support on the official website, but for technical questions they redirected me here.
I am using Moralis Web3API, specifically the “Gets events by topic” POST /{address}/events
To be clear, I am not using the SDK, neither implementing it with JS, I am only using the plain REST API trough a bash script.
My question is the following.
By using this POST call, is there a way I can filter the results? Maybe based on secondary topics or sender address?
I see this is possible by using a Sync DB on a personal server instance (
I want to achieve the same result with plain REST APIs.
If that’s possible, how to modify the query params or the body of the request accordingly? Because from the specs (, there’s no query param or body modification suggesting such thing like filters.


There isn’t a way to add additional filters on that API endpoint, you can filter the events after you get them, you can also propose this on